Locations We Serve

With close to 50 years of experience, USA Hoist is a leader in vertical transportation systems for the construction industry. Our custom elevators and hoists have been used to help build  a number of the world’s tallest buildings. With our comprehensive understanding of modern high-rises and a wealth of in-house expertise, we can deliver tailor-made solutions for virtually any project. Our fleet is one of the largest, most advanced and best maintained in the country. In addition, our people are exceptionally knowledgeable.


Your Comprehensive Source for Elevator and Hoist Solutions

Thanks to our complete services, we can work closely with customers to generate CAD drawings to fit their projects’ precise requirements. No matter how complex the curtain wall system or roof treatment may be, our engineers can supply a custom setup that will get the job done for our customers. If the situation calls for rack-and-pinion  solutions, we have the answer for any application.


Cross-Country Capabilities

From our 40,000-square-foot facility in Crest Hill, Illinois, we have a machine shop, sandblasting and paint booths, complete manufacturing capabilities and a staging area for our equipment. We’re also equipped with the capacity to handle projects in most major markets across the country for our clients.

Here is a listing of the main areas that we serve:


From temporary rentals to permanent installations, trust USA Hoist to take care of virtually any elevator or hoist needs for the construction market.


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