Rack & Pinion Elevators

In construction sites where space for an industrial elevator is scarce and your budget calls for limited steel supports and the use of a crane, a rack and pinion elevator is going to meet your requirements much better than a traditional traction drive elevator.

Rack & Pinion Elevator Products Carried by USA Hoist

At USA Hoist, we’re proud to carry rack and pinion lift systems that use the latest developments in technology and design.

Our USA-7000 and USA-8000 are widely recognized as the largest, fastest and most reliable rack and pinion construction hoists available on the market today, as well as being the safest. They are manufactured by our affiliate, Mid-American Elevator Company.

  • • USA-8000: Representing the latest in rack and pinion lifts, the USA-8000 is designed with state-of-the art control systems. The onboard computer utilizes variable frequency drive technology for a smooth ride. Capable of lifting 8,000 pounds, the USA-8000 has been the go-to lift for construction projects large and small since 1997.
  • • USA-7000: This rack and pinion lift does everything that the USA-8000 does, except it has a 7,000-pound capacity. It is designed for high- and super-high-rise construction projects as high as 1,500 feet.
  • • We also have 10,000-pound rack and pinion. Contact us today to learn more.


What Is a Rack & Pinion Hoist?

Often referred to as personnel elevators or permanent manlifts, rack and pinion elevators are special types of lifting systems that can be installed faster than ordinary elevators using a geared traction system.

A geared traction elevator goes up and down using gears that roll cables over the drive shaft, which is typically powered by a motor located in a dedicated machine room. This is the type of lift with which most people are already familiar.

In contrast, a rack and pinion drive elevator does not rely on a cable for hoisting. Instead, the drive motor is built into the top of the elevator. The pinion (drive gear) attaches to the lift’s motor. Such a setup enables users to have a gear track that is permanently mounted for a no-slip lifting system, making it ideal for use in outdoor construction sites.

A chief benefit of choosing a rack and pinion elevator is faster installation time. We can erect equipment with a crane when you order a rack and pinion system.

Rack and pinion lifts are specially built for use outdoors and can be placed on the outside of your building to free more room inside for work and employees.

Why Choose USA Hoist?

We have a reputation for being a rack and pinion elevator manufacturer that customers know they can rely on for all their hoisting needs — including customization when off-the-shelf equipment won’t get the job done.

Our team has nearly 50 years of experience supplying vertical transportation systems, including construction efforts on 10 of the 40 tallest buildings in the world.

If you need to lease a rack and opinion hoist or are in the market to buy a lift — whether standard or customized — we’re here to help with our expertise and knowledge. USA Hoist operates in a 40,000-square foot facility in Crest Hill, Illinois. Our facility includes full manufacturing facilities, a complete machine shop, booths for painting and sandblasting, and an equipment staging area.

To learn more about our capabilities in rack and pinion elevator design and manufacturing or to request a consultation, please get in touch with USA Hoist today.

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