Explosion-Proof Elevators

There are many industrial environments in which a single spark can lead to disaster. In mines, chemical plants, oil derricks and other facilities, the presence of combustible gases or dust can make operating a typical elevator system a risky proposition. That’s because these systems can give off sparks that can ignite these hazardous elements. The results can be catastrophic, leading to extreme damages, lost productivity and even human casualties. This is why USA Hoist offers a complete selection of explosion-proof hoists for use in these environments. With our lineup of explosion-proof elevators, we help operators in high-risk industries keep their people and assets safe.

What Makes Elevators Explosion-Proof?

Explosion-proof elevators offer added protection against combustion in settings where the potential is much higher than normal. Common features include rubber bumpers to prevent metal-on-metal contact. Stainless steel wheels and chains also lower the risk of sparks. The elevators also may feature sealed gearing and specialized motor housings to contain those components.

By implementing these hoists in areas where volatile elements may be airborne, companies can solve their vertical transportation needs without worrying about the potential for setting off explosions. This not only ensures a safer workplace, but also helps companies comply with industry regulations.

Why Choose USA Hoist?

We’re your complete source for explosion-proof elevator rental because no one understands this equipment as well as we do. Our extensive in-house design and fabrication capabilities make us better suited to address your explosion-proof hoist rental needs than practically anyone else. Our experienced and skilled professionals will help you determine exactly what type of system your circumstances require and turn it into a reality. We’ve created solutions for some of the most demanding and sensitive facilities in the world. For more information about the services we can provide for you, get in touch with us today.

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