Industrial Elevator Systems

As one of the nation’s leading industrial rack and pinion permanently installed elevator providers, USA Hoist is proud of our nearly 50 years of combined experience in creating American-made industrial freight elevator equipment for use in all kinds of industries. These elevators are manufactured to resist the most extreme environments, which include cement plants, paper mills, power plants, oil refineries, shipyards, and steel mills. USA Hoist is the only manufacturer of these industrial elevators and lifts in the United States, which means we have the unique ability to fulfill contract work that is required to be completed by an American company. These elevators are manufactured in our 40,000-square-foot complex using our own machine shop, manufacturing bays and booths for sandblasting, painting and finishing the industrial elevator design.

Unlike conventional elevator companies, USA Hoist has the capability of designing and solving any vertical access complication. Each of our industrial bucket elevators can be engineered and manufactured to fit the needs of any client. We have the capability to build any size, shape and capacity of custom elevator the customer may need. We have dedicated ourselves to coming up with solutions precisely designed for any harsh industrial facility while taking into consideration reliability to decrease downtime and create efficiency.

Industrial Elevator and Lift Capabilities

  • • Available with a variety of load capacities ranging from 650 to 10,000 lbs.
  • • Cage dimensions from 12’4” long to 20’ long
  • • Lifting speed from 100 feet per minute up to 330 feet per minute
  • • Industrial lifts designed for indoor or outdoor needs
  • • All industrial lifts comply with industry regulations
  • • All of our products are made in America


Examples of Industrial Elevator Usage

We have been providing industrial rack and pinion solutions to a variety of customers throughout our company history. Industries that can take advantage of the elevators we provide include:

  • • Cement and power
  • • Chemical plant
  • • Processing plant
  • • Gas and oil
  • • Metals
  • • Ports
  • • Shipyards
  • • Dry Docks


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Work at your industrial facility or construction site will go more smoothly once you have the proper industrial lift equipment in place. Our team can help you compare the various options in industrial construction elevators to figure out the most appropriate model for installation at your site.

Learn more about our commitment to providing the highest standard of industrial elevator lift systems by contacting USA Hoist today.

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