USA-6000 Construction Hoist

High-rise developers across the country have put their trust in the USA-6000 construction hoist from USA Hoist. This is because its many features and benefits make it an exceptional choice for large-scale jobs where heavy capacity is expected. We’re proud to offer one of the finest passenger and material hoist options on the market today. It’s no wonder why this product has become an industry standard over the last 15 years. Whether you’re elevating people, materials or both, this is one of the most effective solutions you can choose.

Features and Benefits

Capable of carrying up to 6,000 pounds, the USA-6000 is the perfect choice for transporting workers and material loads to buildings as tall as 800 feet. It can be configured for right- or left-handed operation, and can be installed for single- or dual-car operation.

• The cage measures 12 feet by 4 inches long; 4 feet by 8 inches wide; and 7 feet by 2 inches high.
• Powered by a 30-horsepower electric motor.
• Capable of carrying up to 6,000 pounds.
• Can accommodate up to 30 people as well as heavier material loads.
• Can travel up to 330 FPM or be slowed down to around 150 FPM for a shorter building.

This hoist is aimed at making work easier on the jobsite. Available side gates can also make this even more beneficial on a tight site where normal end loading is not possible or practical.

Why Choose USA Hoist?

With more than 50 years of experience serving the most high-profile and sophisticated high-rise building projects in the world, we know what it takes to deliver the best construction hoists.

Our in-house engineering expertise means we can create lift systems to fit virtually any type of floor setbacks, specialized curtain walls or roof treatments. We work closely with customers to create fast and accurate custom CAD drawings for exactly what they need. No other company has as much knowledge regarding these types of equipment as us. We can leverage this to supply you with the perfect solutions for your elevation needs.

Our fleet is one of the largest, most modern and best maintained in the industry, today. Combined with our extensive know-how, this is why we have contributed to the construction of 10 of the world’s 40 tallest skyscrapers. From our state-of-the-art, 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Crest Hill, Illinois, we have full capabilities including sandblasting, testing and manufacturing. We also have a complete machine shop and staging area for our equipment, meaning we can provide you with turn-key services.

Contacting USA Hoist

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