USA-7000 / USA-8000

Feature Summary:

  • -Single or Dual Operation
  • -Up to 330 FPM
  • -7000-8000 lb. Load Capacity
  • -Extra Large Car – 5’0″ wide x 13’6″ long
  • -Heavy Duty Brake & Overspeed Safety
  • -Three Gates in each car
  • -Light Weight Aluminum Car & Heavyweight Steel Frame
  • -Variable Frequency Control
  • -Optional Automatic Operatation


The USA-7000 offers all the same great features and benefits of the USA-8000 except for the load capacity. This car is the most widely used out of the USA Hoist fleet and works great in situations where the USA-8000 would be to large for the project.

One of the many significant technological advancements incorporated into the design of this hoist is the Variable Frequency Motor Control. This device provides speed (330 FPM ), a smoother ride and more accurate leveling than any previous rack and pinion hoist. The USA-7000 is suitable for projects up to 1,500 ft. tall and is the hoist to have on high and super-high-rise construction projects.

The USA-8000 is the latest technology in rack and pinion hoists, utilizing our state-of-the-art microprocessor control systems with variable frequency drive technology. Manufactured by our affiliate, Mid-American Elevator Company, this control system ensures safe, smooth and reliable operation Since its introduction in 1997, it has led the way in high-rise construction hoisting. The USA-8000 is widely recognized as the largest, fastest and most reliable rack an pinion construction hoist available on the market today.

For more information view the US7000 and US8000 brochures:

US7000 Brochure

US8000 Brochure